My name is Ferran Casanovas Bargalló and I am a graduated student of the Bachelor’s degree in air navigation engineering of the “Escola d’Enginyeria de Telecomunicacions i Aeronàutica de Castelldefels” (EETAC) of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and I am personally the author of the blog.

This blog is the conclusion of my work with the SDR concept that I was working with since David Rincón Rivera, a professor of telematics of EETAC, who proposed me these practices.

Currently, I am keeping this blog up-to-date due to the large amount of popularity that the blog has reached since it was created and responding to the readers’ requests.

Contents of the blog:

1) Build your own ADS-B aeronautical radar with low-cost equipment.

2) GSM mobile network cracking.

Mainly, the best way to navigate is to choose the post by category. The category represents the kind of the thread shown. For instance, if you choose “Android system”, it means you are gonna read some article about techincal stuff of the popular operating system called Android.

The following are the current available categories:

1) General: Concepts related with the main goal regarding SDR.

2) Setup: software setup of any kind. Steps to get the described software installed and running correctly.

There’s a subcategory inside GSM software setup called Android system, which mainly explains features and improvements that can be applied to the popular mobile system.

3) Uncategorized: Principal linux commands, as a review for the beginners.

Moreover, there is a complete dedicated page expalining how to crack GSM mobile communications. This page relates to each of the necessary threads of the main page that should be additionally read to reach the goal.

E-mail of contact: ferran_94@hotmail.com


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