Kali Linux and Numix Customization!


I have been quite a long time without posting any new threads in this blog. But now with some free time and this recent discovery, I become eager to post new content.

Let me explain my enthusiasm with the same video I got motivated with:


After wacthing the video, this is the site: Kali Linux site. Kali linux has become more official than ever.

Just waiting for some more time to download the ISO and test what this is capable of.

I also wanted to take advantage of the situation and show you a really interesting project recently developed called NUMIX. Site: Numix project webpage

Numix is a tool to customize your linux environment and desktop. It can be also used to customize your android devices. I mean in case you do not have any new upgrade for Android because your smartphone or tablet has become obsolete. This is a good way to become cool without really being updated.

I really recommend this cutomization tool; it is easy to install, not heavy when working and it can be selected at themes at linux settings to be used or not.

I must say that I just installed both Numix customization tool in Linux Mint and my Android phone and it is great for Linux. For android I should recommend better a CyanogenMOD update or something else.

To install Numix just click on this other thread that was really straightforward to follow.


This is my final desktop layout. Not bad, huh!!

PD: that isn’t Kali Linux, it is Linux Mint! I have been using it, because it is really helpful when installing software and faster as sometimes has the programs in its libraries. Although this customization is nice and plain, I would not use Numix in Kali Linux because as I have seen they already improved the general format of the ISO.

Last but not least I wanted to speak a little about the new TV-Show I just found out these past days. MR. fucking Robot! Please watch it! Give it a chance! I know it sounds not the best topic to spend your free time but as long as you are interested in stuff like the one posted on my blog you’ll like it.

The best season is #1. Here is the link of IMDB: Mr.Robot info

And here the trailer, subtitled in spanish but I did not find this same video without subtitles:


Well, I guess these are all my new ideas to keep posting. I hope this is interesting for all of you guys and think about it… we are all FSOCIETY!