Presentation of the concept!!!

Presentation of the concept!!!

We have been in the Barcelona AirSim Meeting 2013 (BASM13) that has taken place the weekend of the 5th – 6th of October of 2013 on the EETAC,  to explain our experiments with free software that is available for everyone who is interested in ADS-B systems and SDR concept.

” Construye tu propio ADS-B radar ‘low-cost’ 

 This is the description of our incoming presentation in the web of the BASM13:
Construye tu propio radar ADS-B ‘low cost’
October 6th 10:30 – 12:00

“Ferran Casanovas, estudiante del Grado en Ingeniería de Aeronavegación de la EETAC, y el profesor de la EETAC-UPC, David Rincón, explican cómo cualquiera puede diseñar y construir su propio radar aeronáutico con equipos de bajo coste.”

If you are interested here is the link to see our presentation in the BCN AirSim Meeting 2013 of the last 6th of October:

The presentation is in Spanish but I recommend to all of you to see it if you are interested in our work. It gives some idea to see exactly the work we have been doing these months.


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